The Diary of a Provincial Lady – 21st Century Homage

Inspired by news that Persephone Books are publishing a new edition of “The Diary of a Provincial Lady”, re-read own battered Virago version for umpteenth time and am struck by disconcerting similarity of own life to heroine’s. Decide that recording own life in similar style might be useful step on desired path to literary immortality as would a) Build My Online Presence (apparently essential requisite for aspiring authors) and b) add new dimension to my writings (mostly comprising emergency ghost-writing of Year 7 essays and own Horticultural Association updates for the Parish News).

Relieved to find that setting up blog much like online supermarket order and proudly manage to do so without input of teenage children. Find comfort in lack of superfluous words and anonymous semi-detached style, though according to teenage daughter Sylvia Plath felt something similar – which is not entirely reassuring.