What a Country Life!

GCSE Revision Evening with elder son. Seems barely five minutes since was attending GCSE Revision Evening with daughter, and heart rather sinks at prospect of undertaking any more Joint and Interactive Revision Activity Tasks in company of other Family Units who all seem to complete required exercises very keenly and without heated arguments under their breath about correct approach to Mind Maps. Fortunately find ourselves amongst like-minded group of son’s friends and their mothers, and have surprisingly enjoyable time; agree that teachers’ recommended methods are probably preferable to own well-remembered exam preparation techniques of procrastination and Vague Reading Without Really Taking Anything In.

To village hall last night for players’ performance of One Man, Two Guvnors. Play much as I remember it from universally acclaimed and sell-out London run, sadly, but manage plenty of genuine laughs thanks to spirited contributions from friend, son’s friend (who has best lines, almost all unsuitably Risqué), and enjoyably unstable scenery.

Spend morning feeling unusually but pleasantly like Banksy as I plaster village with posters to advertise fast-approaching Horticultural Association Quiz Evening.



Set off without enthusiasm to daughter’s school for first Sixth Form Progress Meeting; seem to have spent much of last year attending Progress Meetings about GCSEs – which, as other mother remarks, are Now Just Yesterday’s Fish And Chips – and cannot help wishing school not always so conscientious about Involving The Parents. Am however pleasantly surprised by enthusiastic teacher, who prescribes Travel and Reading rather than target anxiety, and become quite excited about daughter’s Future – even if her plans for it remain somewhat Vague.

Children predictably scornful of my first forays into Twitter and of my claim that can now Join The Conversation; challenge me to have Conversation with Nicki Minaj or Inbetweeners. Am keen to confound their expectations, but suspect that may have to expand tweeting repertoire beyond West Lothian Question and the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire.