About Mrs Ford

Mother of three teenage children, living in English village; gave up work to spend more time with family. Family’s delight still well-disguised, but am meanwhile finding unexpected pleasures in domesticity and village life; often feel uncannily like heroine of 1930s classic “The Diary of a Provincial Lady” and started this blog as 21st century homage.


24 thoughts on “About Mrs Ford

  1. Wishing Mrs. Ford a happy birthday for tomorrow from your long lost but affectionate cousin. I am really enjoying your blog-recommended to me by your sister. Best of luck with the GCSEs. Love Tabby

    • Thank you so much! Apart from your very welcome comment, I can safely say that nothing of any excitement whatsoever has happened so far today; but will resume diary as soon as I have Something To Report.

    • I think I was introduced to the Diary by my grandmother when I was a teenager, and I have re-read it every few years since; I’m fairly sure I’ll never tire of it, especially as my life now seems to resemble the Provincial Lady’s in a disconcerting number of ways! I see that you are a fellow fan, and can’t tell you how honoured I am to be on your blogroll. (I would love to reciprocate, but I’m afraid that a blogroll is one of the many blogging challenges I have yet to master; I’ll try to remedy this soon…)

  2. Found your blog via Elaine and am loving it!
    Seems like we have more than just a fondness of The Little White Horse in common as I also adore the Provincial Lady and all her works and your posts have definitely cheered up a very stressful day at the office!
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments! As you will have gathered, I no longer have stressful days at the office, but remember them well – so am delighted to have made things at least a little better. And I’m so glad to have discovered other fans of Elizabeth Goudge and E.M. Delafield; they both definitely make the world seem a better place.

  3. Have just reread all five vols. of Prov. Lady diaries. Discovered you via The Quince Tree, and look forward to catching up.

    Own DD always ate the chocolate from the advent calendar as breakfast at this time of year. She now is working, so felt that I must not buy her one this year.

    • Thank you very much for your message. It’s always good to find another Provincial Lady fan, and reassuring to hear about your daughter and the chocolate! Hope that she is not having to work too hard over Christmas.

  4. Really enjoying your dry sense of humour and many areas of my life sound remarkably like yours (especially the Horticultural Association!) – keep it coming!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. I suspect that there are certain universal truths about Horticultural Associations! The annual rituals of Village Life are now beginning to appear on the horizon, so I will doubtless be saying much the same sort of thing all over again…

  5. Congratulations! I l thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and love the style. It provides me with many laugh out loud moments as well as being topical, touching and thought-provoking. More please …

  6. Happened across your blog via the lovely Alice C. What a wonderful discovery, looking forward to reading more

  7. I’ve just started “The Diary of a Provincial Lady”, which I’d never heard of before finding your blog but am now loving. Thanks for the recommendation!

  8. Unlike many of your other fans, my life is very different from yours in that my children are grown (thankful to be past those teenage years!) and I live in the USA. However, some things are timeless and universal, aren’t they? And I love your homage to Diary of a Provincial Lady. So I’m really enjoying your blog. Best wishes!

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