Eyes on the prize

Much of Saturday spent in village hall.  At coffee morning am put in charge of selling Specially-Printed Church Tea-Towels (Ideal Christmas Gift! Easy to Post!).   Am informed in friendliest terms by absolutely everyone that unfortunately they already have a Specially-Printed Church Tea-Towel, and so do all their daughters, second cousins, and old friends in New Zealand – though some are kind enough to buy yet more.  Am left with ample leisure to chat to new young organist, helping out with Quality Bric-a-Brac on next table; discuss DIY, Kazakhstan,  and wedding music choices (next week’s bride has apparently asked for The Bit From Braveheart When She Dies).

Evening devoted to much-anticipated Horticultural Association Quiz Night, which to great relief All Goes Well; slight panic in Island-Hopping Round when are loudly informed  that we have Got Them The Wrong Way Round, but luckily this refers to order of questions 9 and 10 rather than respective roles of Corsica, Elba and St Helena in life of Napoleon Bonaparte.  Children help out with marking and scoring, need for tie-break question narrowly avoided, and, best of all, everybody helps with putting away tables at end (often feel that Village Life consists largely of washing up and moving furniture).

Had planned to spend today earning £1000 by writing prize-winning essay for Persephone Books competition but think will just read yesterday’s newspaper instead.





8 thoughts on “Eyes on the prize

  1. I had to chuckle when reading that everyone already had the Church tea towel. We also have this ‘issue’; there are only so many friends and family one can give them to!

    • Perhaps an essay on Modern Freedom in Marriage? Can certainly relate to Provincial Lady’s writing methods: “Settle down in earnest to Modern Freedom in Marriage. Draw a windmill on blotting paper. Tell myself that a really striking opening sentence is important. Nothing else matters. Really striking sentence is certainly hovering somewhere about, although at the moment elusive.” I will certainly give your suggestion some thought, thank you very much!

  2. It’s always teatowels and you do feel like a traitor if you do not buy one.please enter competition it would be trmendous fun to read.

    • Thanks very much for your comment and many apologies for late reply – I’ve been away for a couple of days. I think I will try to enter the competition, but it’s going to be a rather Last Minute Effort tonight so unlikely to be worthy of your (very much appreciated) confidence!

  3. it was good to hear that your quiz rattled along smoothly, though of course you will now be the ‘go to’ quiz writer until the end of time ! still i suppose there are worse things to have the village crown for and at least you can do the preparation seated in a comfy chair. come to think of it since the advent of t’internet quiz making should have got a lot easier, provided you avoid wikipedia…. i know well at least one teenage boy who enjoyed messing with the ‘facts’ on there and got himself barred.
    i hope you are giving the writing competition a go, said she who hasn’t written an essay since school . love your style tho’.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I suspect I will be reassigned quiz-setting duties next year, but have decided not to think about it for now! You are quite right, the internet does make quizzes much easier, though I am unhelpfully obsessive about double-checking everything; I was told by my very first boss Never Trust Anything Whatever The Source.
      I have been away for a couple of days, so will be trying to write the competition essay in traditional last-minute style tonight. I do not have high expectations….

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