Out of touch

Begin to regret earlier insistence that daughter should Relish Her Independence at university and not worry too much about contacting us. Finally send rather terse text saying she could actually worry a little, and am rewarded with lengthy Sunday afternoon telephone conversation discussing Club Nights, Latin love poetry and vital importance of separating whites from coloureds.

Own life currently dominated by new puppy, acquired two weeks ago in transparent attempt to plug daughter-shaped hole in home life. Am regularly reminded of children’s toddler years in daily mix of joy, frustration and liking her best when she’s asleep.

Delighted to resume diary after long absence and look forward to renewing blog friendships over coming months.


18 thoughts on “Out of touch

  1. We have one in her second year at uni, one in his final straight of A Levels and our third is ditto with his GCSEs. With two dogs already present I am wondering what to keep plugging the holes with? There are only so many dogs a household can sustain, after all. Hope both pup and daughter are respectively settling in well and I look forward to reading more in due course. CT.

    • All sounds rather similar – have suddenly begun to feel we are nearing the end of the whole child-rearing era and yes, may need to think of another Life Strategy rather than just keep acquiring dogs as surrogates! Meanwhile puppy and daughter both seem very well-settled in their new lives, thank you.

  2. Ha ha, I had to laugh. Daughter has just gone back to 2nd year uni and son in final year of A’levels. Find ourselves unexpectedly on own tonight and appear to be filling void with respective work tasks.
    NB daughter raves about colour catchers which can be bought in bulk cheaply on-line it would appear and are a Life Saver.

    • Very excited to read about colour catchers and will pass on Top Tip to daughter when/if she rings again – thank you! It’s particularly nice to hear from other people at a similar stage in their lives – the not-quite-empty-nesters I suppose….

  3. My daughter is in her third year at Uni and my son started in September. I confess that I’ve found it difficult to readjust without them here, but at least it makes every text, Face Time and visit home even more precious. It’s lovely to see them grow more independent and confident and they soon learn to appreciate what we’ve done for them over the years!

    • Yes, I’m sure it must be difficult to readjust. I still have two teenage boys at home but it does already feel very different. I suppose it means we’ve done our job properly if they’re able to go out by themselves into the big wide world. Not sure that all my efforts have been fully appreciated yet, though…

  4. Great to see you back and to read all the comments, which resonated. Our youngest is in his last year at school and currently away on a school expedition, giving us an early taste of what it might feel like this time next year. Our dog is so elderly it’s likely she will no longer be with us by then either.

    • Thank you! I’d forgotten how rewarding it was to share experience across the internet, and it’s really good to hear from others contemplating or experiencing the post-children era. Though I’m not sure I could cope with the loss of a dog on top of everything else…Hope your dog flourishes for as long as possible.

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